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Mon-Fri: 8:30 A.M - 5:30 PM Sat-Sun: Closed

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Drysdale Denture Services

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Natural-Looking Dentures in Drysdale

We’re pleased to state, dentures have come a long way …
dentures drysdaleThere’s no demand to experience ill-fitting dentures in Drysdale. At Drysdale Denture Services, our proficient prosthetists will certainly provide you top notch dentures– paying additional focus on a best fit, and overall convenience.

As regular dentures (made from different products) we additionally use:

  • Partial dentures
  • Implant sustained dentures

Making beautiful, natural dentures that you can wear with confidence is exactly what we do best.

If your present dentures are older than to 5– 7 years, or have never fitted correctly, give Drysdale Denture Services a phone call.

A Little Information on Dentures

Dentures do not last forever. Once your teeth have actually been lost, the bone that supported your teeth constantly changes. Because of this, the shape of the mouth that the denture is made to can change significantly over many years, which is why you need to have a brand-new denture made every five to seven years.

We Offer You Personalised Care for Optimal Results

If you’re taking into consideration purchasing a new set of dentures, whether it be partial dentures, full dentures or long-term dental implant retained dentures, come to Drysdale Denture Services, where you will certainly be treated by the exact same prosthetist at every visit. Our oral prosthetists make use of the information they obtain from your previous appointments to create brand-new dentures, especially to your requirements.

Specific Modifications for Perfectly Fitting Dentures

At Drysdale Denture Services, everyone of our patients are involved in the process of their new dentures. From the teeth set up in wax to the finished denture, it allows the patient to make adjustments to the setting, colour or form of the teeth. To make certain that you get what you want.

We offer these extra appointments because we respect your input.

Our local Drysdale denture clinic welcomes new patients and services Geelong and nearby suburbs including Queenscliff, Moolap, Charlemont, Clifton Springs and Barwon Heads in the Bellarine Peninsula.

To book an appointment at our denture clinic in Drysdale, please phone (03) 5251 1683 today.

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Our Treatments

Professional and highly trained

Denture Repairs

Denture repairs can generally be done quickly. It relies on what is required to fix your dentures.

Full Dentures

For individuals that have actually shed all-natural teeth in the top or bottom arch.


Immediate dentures could be recommended as the most effective choice for you.

Implant Retained

Your oral prosthetist at Drysdale Denture Services will certainly fit dentures over implants to supply security.


A partial denture is a detachable device changing several all-natural teeth and also linked cells.


Flexible dentures aid to protect against several of the troubles that normal dentures trigger.


Relines maintain your dentures fit. Making them feel comfortable again.


A mouthguard is a clear or coloured plastic appliance that fits over your teeth to protect them from injuries.